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Counseling 101

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

What is a counselor?

A counselor is a licensed professional who has at the very least a master’s degree, supervised experience, and a passing score on a national exam. Counselors are a source of support and education, and can provide a great deal of help both during difficult times as well as during everyday life.

My favorite description came to me by way of a young client. “I love counseling because I come into your office, and it feels like I took a big poop and leave 10 pounds lighter”.

What is a counselor not?

A counselor is a source of support and caring, but they are not a friend and don’t offer advice. The joy of counseling is that it is a one way support system. You come into my office, drop whatever you need, and leave it with me. You don’t have to worry about my feelings, my religious views, or my political ideologies. Sometimes this can look very serious, with thoughtful probing questions. Sometimes it can look like chatting about your favorite movies.

Am I good counselor?

Well I really hope so! I try to be. Will I be the right counselor for you? I have no idea. The most important thing in counseling is that you find a counselor that feels like a good connection for you, and that you feel safe with. The good news about me is that I am totally legit. I have a master’s degree from University of Idaho, completed all my required supervision, and have passed three different national licensing exams because I am an overachiever. I also engage in continuing education focused primarily on sex and ethics. Sex because it is just a lot of fun to talk about, and ethics not only because it is required by my state boards, but also because it is a good idea to be an ethical counselor.

How can counseling help?

Counseling is a place to process your life experiences, and hopefully learn a little bit about yourself. You can learn some new skills that can help to decrease any negative symptoms you might be experiencing, or get some validation for an emotion that you are feeling. It is a lovely place to learn and grow. I also believe there is a place for fun in counseling, if you are in that head space.

In summary…

Counseling is great! I am a legit counselor. I might be a good fit for you. I might not be. Why not give it a try? Keep in mind that everything I share is simply my opinion. It is an educated, experienced opinion, but it is just an opinion. Make your own choices, what feels right for your own life.

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